Trophy Elk Hunting Outfitter, 370 class bull, Guide, Outfitter, Mule Deer, Antelope Hunts, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Mirriam's TurkeyThe very best trophy elk hunting trophy in Montana, New Mexico and Kansas. If you want a monster bull Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail or Antelope you have just found one of the finest hunts in North America.

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If you are not getting opportunities for trophies like these, then you should come and hunt with us. We offer some the finest mule deer, whitetail and bull elk guided hunts in Montana, New Mexico and Kansas. Call today.

Elk Hunting 370 class Montana Trophy Bulls

As one of the top trophy Elk hunting outfitters we offer some of the best Elk hunting in Montana on well managed private ranches. If you are looking for a 370 plus Boone and Crockett class bull elk then we have the hunt is for you. We offer the best archery elk hunts during the peak of the rut. We also have muzzle loader elk hunts that can get you into the woods before the rifle season begins. For those hunters that like to "reach out and touch something" we offer awesome rife hunts for monster bull elk.

High Scoring Monster Mule Deer Hunts

We also offer awesome mule deer hunts in Montana, New Mexico and Kansas. In Montana you can hunt either whitetail or mule deer. It is your choice because Montana deer tags are good for either species. You will see both on your hunts with us. On our hunts it is not unrealistic to take a mule deer buck that will score 160 to 190 or a whitetail that will score 140 to 160. Our clients have taken mule deer that scored over 210 Boone and Crockette points. We hunt the very best private ranch land that Montana, New Mexico and Kansas have to offer. Our success rate is very high and often exceeds 95%.

Legendary Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Kansas and Montana's trophy whitetail deer are legendary. You can expect our trophy bucks to score between 140 to 160. We recently took a whitetail that scored over 200 Boone and Crockette points. Many of our hunters tell us they see more trophy bucks in a day than they have in their lifetime of hunting. We offer archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts for trophy whitetail deer.

Our success rate is extremely high. Don't miss out on your chance for a trophy hunt of a lifetime. We have a trophy hunt that is just right for you. Call now and reserve your spot. You will be glad you did!

Two Bird Hunts! Merriam's Turkey Hunting Outfitters

There is nothing like sound of a Merriam's Turkey gobble thundering through the valley of the Montana mountains. Spring has ushered in the warmer weather and the toms only have one thing on their minds. We hunt the pristine private ranches of Montana where you won't see another hunter. When we get an answer to our hen calls, it's the real deal coming in to strut his stuff. You can't ask for a better turkey hunt especially since each hunter is allowed two birds. Our turkey hunts are very affordable and highly successful so bring a friend or family member to enjoy the experience. This is a great hunt for the wife and kids.

Awesome Record Book Antelope Archery Hunts

We offer Antelope hunting in Montana and New Mexico using rifles or archery equipment. Our archery hunts are normally done out of ground blinds over well used watering holes. This is your best chance of getting a Pope & Young class antelope. We have taken exceptional prong horns with over 16" of horn length. However, 12" to 15" is the average length which is still something to write home about! Our ranches get very little hunting pressure and the game has the genetics and age to grow into that trophy you have been looking for.

You are a phone call away from the best elk hunt in Montana. If you want an opportunity for a true trophy elk, call us now. Bring your friend and family. We have very nice accommodations.

Cougar, Mountain Lion Hunts

For the adrenaline junkies we offer some of the best Mountain Lion hunts in the west. Our cougar hunt is one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences that you will ever go on! We use of highly trained hounds under the guidance of an experienced guide and hunt in the heart of mountain lion territory. If you are in good physical shape and like a challenge this is the hunt for you. Our cougars average around 140 and can go up to 200 pounds. Our success rate is very high so call your taxidermist and let him know you'll be visiting him for a very special mount.

Black Bear Hunting Outfitter

No trophy room or den is complete without a big old gnarly Black Bear. Our properties have a lot of excellent boars and come in many different color phases. You will be spot and stalk hunting across open meadows and clear-cuts. You will need to be in pretty good physical shape and be able to make a respectable long shot with your rifle. The rewards are huge for those up to the task!

A Fast Action Coyote Challenge

If you are quick on the trigger, accurate and like a fast action hunt, then Coyote hunting is for you. Coyote hunts are done by utilizing different types of calls to attract the Coyotes. Our guides know where the Coyotes dens are located and will hunt downwind of those locations. This is another one of our hunts that you may want to bring the family to enjoy the excitement. Each hunter normally gets a shot at four or more coyotes.

We have an affordable trophy hunt that is just right for you. Call now and reserve your spot. You will be glad you did!

Trophy Hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Antelope and other big game

As an affordable premier hunting outfitter, our hunts book up fast, primarily with repeat customers. Also, some of the places we hunt require you to draw a tag before the hunting season. We can help you with the process of applying for tags and permits. Don't miss out on your chance for a trophy hunt of a lifetime. We have a trophy hunt that is just right for you. Call now and reserve your spot. You will be glad you did!

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